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A Unique Selection

At Château du Martret, we reward the flagship wines of France where we find extraordinary quality and finesse.

Sélection Prestige is our selection of the best wines which benefit from the tradition of the unique know-how of French winemaking.

Vineyards of France

Viticulture in France finds its sources in the era of Greek colonization.  France being one of the countries of the Latin heritage, wine is an integral part of its culture.  The way in which French culture has invested in the making of its wines has even earned it the international reputation of being "The Land of Wine".

Our Range of Wines
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Our offer is made of wines from multiple growing areas across France including reds, whites or rosés and a multitude of grape varieties.

- Mainly Burgundy

but also:

- Beaujolais

- Vallée du Rhône

- Provence

- Languedoc

- Sud Ouest: Bordeaux …

Records at Beaune

Records made at 159th Hospices de Beaune sale.  Indeed, the most recent Hospices de Beaune auction saw numerous records made with over €12 million realised and over 500 barrels sold in November 2019.