Château du Martret is a family owned business based in Burgundy, France, in our 200-year old château. 

Our offer is made of wines from multiple growing areas across France including reds, whites or rosés and a multitude of grape varieties.

Quality and sustainability in our products are our focus together with formidable flavors and finesse.  

France Sélection is our best selection of the finest wines across France.  Our family, the Bonnefoy Family, makes this selection during our tastings resulting in exceptional offers.

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Christophe Bonnefoy, Owner and General Manager of Château du Martret states:  

Our family roots have been in Burgundy for hundreds of years.  Thanks to this culture and the legacy of this way of life, we consider wine as part of our life.  Our greatest pleasure is to make magnificent selections allowing us to share our wines with as many people as possible.  We like to take as a reference this quote from Henri IV former King of France:  "Bonne cuisine et bon vin, c'est le Paradis sur Terre" meaning "Good food and wine is heaven on Earth."

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Baron Pierre-Charles Bonnefoy du Plan

Baron Pierre-Charles Bonnefoy du Plan was a Man of Confidence of Queen Marie-Antoinette of France and then Secretary of King Louis XVI.  Thanks to this position, he worked with Marquis de La Fayette a French aristocrat and military officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War.


Queen Marie-Antoinette of France


Marquis de La Fayette